A photo taken by a bystander in Montana captured the touching scene of a firefighter reading a book to a little girl in the street, taking her mind off the trauma of their family’s car crash.

It was nighttime about a month ago when the Billings Fire Department responded to the two-vehicle accident, sirens blaring.

While the crews and the girl’s parents were busy with tow trucks and police reports, firefighter Ryan Benton took a book out of their fire engine and started reading to her on the curb.

“This allowed her to calm down and allowed the parents the ability to focus on getting some sense of normalcy back after a traumatic event like an accident,” said a fire department spokesperson.

“Sweetest thing ever!” wrote Allie Marie Schmalz on Facebook when she posted her photo of the 26-year-old fire fighter.

We’ve learned after news reports that the Billings fire responders always carry book bags to give to children in traumatic situations. The bags contain a stuffed animal, a book about firefighters, and other books that can soothe a young child’s mind.

Julie Angle later wrote on the Billings Firefighters Facebook page, saying how grateful she was for the compassionate practice.

“A few years ago we experienced the firefighters giving my kids stuffed animals after a fire. My girls remember that more than the fire. It was definitely something we will always be thankful for!”